Ken Petersen
Ken Petersen has been a lead bugle/trumpet player for over 55 years, primarily in drum and drum corps.

In 1950, Mr. Petersen joined the legendary Geneva Appleknockers Senior Drum Corps' lead soprano line. For the next 14 years he made his name as a premeir soloist in drum corps, belting out swinging solos from the field and all the way to Carnegie Hall during one of the corps' famous winter concerts. After the senior corps disbanded in 1964 the Appleknockers formed a junior corps and Ken was named director and horn instructor.

He remained with the junior corps in various capacities until 1976. A brief six-year "retirement" during which he played only occasional engagements ended quickly as the Appleknockers Senior Corps reformed for five years.

In 1990, at the age of 60, Ken returned to the marching field in competition with the Empire Statesmen of Rochester, New York. In 1991, as part of the lead line, he helped the Statesmen win the first of several DCA World Championships. It was during this time that he acquired his Dynasty horn, which he has played ever since.

Ken joined the Mighty St. Joe's Alumni Corps in 1994 and still plays with them. He also plays with the Ghost Riders Mini Corps, winning a World Championship in 2000. Though turning 74 years young in April 2005, 'Ace' does not plan to slow down. He still plays regularly with Mighty St Joe’s, The Ghost Riders, and various jazz and concert bands around the Rochester, N.Y. area in 2004.